PRICES for ITEMS — Jan. 2010

Prices here are a guideline and DO NOT include Shipping and Handling!

Discounts for bulk orders are seriously considered.

Prices below are for EACH bracelet or item described.

Shipping and handling is based on the weight of the total package to be shipped, plus a small handling fee for packing supplies.

We use recycled packing supplies whenever possible.

Write me for further details, or if you are interested in special ordering items.

— Cathy Ann Abernathy

NOTE: I have other variations that do not fit in these categories, they will be added shortly.

[Pictures will be add as I can upload them.]

$3.00 loop-braided, round bracelets

Round, loop braided bracelets

swirls and braids

$3.00 Chinese staircase/wrapped and round bracelets

Wrapped round bracelet

$3.00 totem pole without beads

$3.00 macrame’ bracelets with pony beads

Macrame' bracelet with pony beads

$5.00 stripes/diagonals (5-6 threads)

Stripes / Diagonal bracelet

$5.00 Stripes/diagonals (5-6 threads) with beads

Stripes with beads

$5.00 Speckled stripes/diagonals (5-6 threads)

Speckled stripes

$5.00 chevron

Chevron bracelet

bordered chevron

$5.00 puzzle pieces

$5.00 totem pole with beads

$5.00 1-inch wide, Random pattern/ “Radical” bracelet (2-4 colors)

Orange Radical design

$5.00 bow ties

isosceles triangles

$5.00 diamond pattern

$5.00 vertical hearts

$5.00 colored boxes

$5.00 bordered chevron with beads

$5.00 plaid/rag rug

$5.00 broken ladder/combination bracelet

$5.00 zig zag

$5.00 bordered zigzag

$5.00 keychains (3-4 inches)

$5.00 peruvian “S” style bracelet

$5.00 earrings (1-2″ long, with French hook rings)

$6.00 criss cross

$6.00 vertical diamonds or XoXo

$6.00 double zigzag

$7.00 chevron – wider bracelet

Chevron bracelet

$7.00 patriotic/team or school colors – wider bracelet

School Colors Bracelet

$7.00 vertical diamonds or XoXo (2-6 colors) – wider bracelet

X-O Designs

$7.00 diagonals (7-8 threads) – wider bracelet (2-6 colors)

Wider stripes

$15.00 2-inch wide, totem pole “radical” bracelet (5-10 colors)

$25.00 – $100
Inkle-woven sashes, Hat bands, Patterned clothing/tunic trim for SCA costuming.

Red, Speckled Inkle-Woven Sash

Inkle-woven bands/sashes, must have a 50% deposit paid before the project is begun; to ensure that enough material is purchased to complete the item(s) before weaving begins.

$50.00 – $300
Hand-woven, friendship style sashes, belts with buckles, guitar straps.

Very specialized items – Each one takes much time to create and uses colors limited by available crochet thread, or cotton yarns.
These larger items are ready-made.

Larger, Hand-woven, friendship style woven, must have a 50% deposit paid before the project is begun; to ensure that enough material is purchased to complete the item(s) before weaving begins.

] END [

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